20 Day Jump Start Program

If you’re interested in improving your health and learning all kinds of wellness-related information, your in the right spot!

Social media and news outlets are overflowing with the latest in health news. Some of it true, some if it confusing, some really extreme and not necessary to leading a day-to-day healthful lifestyle.

This 20 Day Jump Start Program is designed to lay a foundation for understanding what health is and break down more specifically why the basic rules are what they are.

Here’s what to expect for the following 20 days;

  • Printable & Pin-able Exercise Breakdowns
  • Printable & Pin-able 5-15 Minute Workouts
  • Article on health-related topics
  • 24/7 Access to a Personal Trainer


Ready to get started? Lets get to it!

Intro: The 20 Day Jump Start Program

Day 1: Squats & Diets Debunked

Day 2: Push Ups & Carbs are your Friends

Day 3: Lunges & Weightlifting V. Cardio

Day 4: Planks & Targeting Fat

Day 5: Wall Sits & Fat Burning Super Foods

Day 6: Stretching & 9 Ways You’re Dehydrating Yourself

Day 7: Mountain Climbers & Foods that Bloat

Day 8: Side Lunges & Making Health a Priority

Day 9: Triceps Dips & Health on a Budget

Day 10: Curtsy Lunges & Dangers of Canned Foods

Day 11: Rotating Plank Row & Fresh Vs. Frozen

Day 12: Bridges & the Truth About Processed Meats

Day 13: Stretches & Meal Prep 101

Day 14: Dolphin Push Ups & 3Vs. 5 Meals

Day 15: Step Ups & {It was Christmas so no article}

Day 16: Calf Raises & The Benefits of a Cheat Meal

Day 17: Single Leg Dead Lift & Mental Health

Day 18: Superman’s & Pre & Post Workout Nutrition

Day 19: Wall Sit & Encouraging Family Health

Day 20: Burpees & Making Lasting Changes

Remember, health is about commitment and consistency. This looks and feels different for everyone. Living a life of wellness and balance is not black and white, there are a lot of grey areas that each person individually needs to figure out on their own.

Staying committed to consistency allows for treats, cheat meals, glasses of wine, nights in, nights out, large meals, small meals, and everything life produces in between. Health should allow you to live life as your best self, not feeling restricted.

Commitment to consistency is the key to health.

Make health a priority for these 20 days and you will see the benefits!