Home interval workout and a trip to Bismarck!

Sorry this post is a little long winded but I  feel like I have so much to say to explain why things are the way they are for me right now! So read it all, or not, my workout description is four paragraphs down if you just want to hear about that 🙂

As some of you know not long ago I made the decision to pack up my little 20 year old Honda and move half way across the country to an ice box, formally known as North Dakota. To be honest it hasn’t been nearly as bad as anticipated. I now live in a tiny town that consists of 300 people, a bar, a catholic church, a post office, a k-12 school, and train tracks that split the whole place in two (as you will hear later, I’m sure, this is the only traffic I have to deal with these days).IMAG2210
This has truly been a wonderful experience and if their is anything I have learned its finding fitness motivation in my small living room, a yoga mat, and dumbbells. I’ve never minded home workouts, but now I rely on them. There are are so many workouts out there that do not require gym equipment, but simply determination and willingness to get some sweat on your area rug.
Working at a desk eight ours a day forces me to find ways to be active everyday-any opportunity that I can. I will try to include any tips I may have but know that I am not a licensed fitness expert or nutritionist-merely an enthusiast willing to experiment so that you can benefit from my success’.
That being said my workout this morning was short, sweet, and sweaty and got my thighs bumpin. I have been following a 12 week program I found on another blog (details to follow) and usually try to mix it with additional interval workouts for a few heart pumping rounds. Today I started with the short full-body circuit provided and followed up with the T-25 lower body focus and rounded it out with a second round of the circuit.
It was just what my Saturday needed.
Yes I have T25, no I do not get anything out of it other than a workout, I really do love the short and sweat interval workout concept it promotes. I have read from several studies that he optimal time for HIIT workouts is 20 minutes, and I don’t mind following that rule!

Derrick, Lilly, and I are headed to Bismarck for the day to do some grocery shopping. I am so excited to get out of town for the day and indulge in some Starbucks!

Family Road trip with my cowboy and my little weirdo!
IMAG2189 Family Road trip with my cowboy and my little weirdo!

(Did I mention I live in a part of the world where you have to drive two hours to the closest Starbucks?!?)
Have a wonderful day friends!

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