Monday Funday Coffee Break Leg Workouts!

Today is the perfect day for all day coffee break leg workouts! It’s only 8am my thighs are already on fire and my emails have all been answered-this girl does NOT have a case of the Mondays!
So the workout-this ones quick and to the point and requires nothing but your legs and about a 5×5 area. It may be short but gets the job done!

Coffee Break Leg Workout
20 Air  Squats
20 Squat Pulses
20 Three-Way Squats*
20 Narrow Squats
20 Narrow Squat Pulses

*Single squat left side-center squat-single squat right side=1
*try to do this without coming up out of the squat- it should burn!

You can use any other space that will work for this workout, this can truly be done anywhere! The break room works for me because there’s room and a door I can shut for some privacy 🙂

Good luck walking back to your desk!

I’ll be repeating this whenever I need a sitting break as many times as my legs will allow today!

Have a wonderful Monday friends!

How do you beat a case of the Mondays?


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