Goodbyes Make Hello’s That Much Better

The perfect weekend, with the perfect man, and the perfect pup.

Sorry for not posting yesterday, long hours in the office and Derrick leaving today for five weeks means my time has been completely accounted for.

It’s always so hard saying goodbye to Derrick for several weeks at a time, but it makes our time together that much more appreciated.When he is home on his a week off we try our hardest not to waste a moment together which usually means I forgo working out and we eat out a lot. As much as I love the precious limited time we have together it can really throw off my routine.

An INCREDIBLE cake made by a women in my department! She is seriously an artist with frosting.

I finally feel like I’m getting back on fitness and health track after all the splurging Derrick and I did last weekend, (although it was all worth it!). It definitely did not help that there was a bake-off today at work. I’ll tell you, the people around here don’t cook much but they sure can bake! The goodies looked incredible and it was so hard resisting the pressures to try ALL of it!

Tonight I did three full circuits of a tabata cardio workout followed by a full body interval workout. The tabata workout consisted of only two exercises and was short and sweaty and exactly what I needed (details on the tabata workout are below). The full body interval workout is from the same 12 week program I have mentioned before and I will include a link soon!

Tabata is an interval workout based off the principle that 20 seconds is the optimal time for high intensity interval exercises with 10 seconds of rest between intervals.

Tabata Cardio

20 Sec. Tuck Jump

10 Sec. Rest

20 Sec Squat Jump

= One Round

x8= One Circuit

I repeated this 8 times for one circuit and I did three circuits total in between a short full body workout. I was definitely moving slowly by the last circuit!

Assuming other work places also provide bowls of candy 24/7 and cake for breakfast several times a week, how do you say no to making poor nutrition choices in the office?

Sometimes saying no seems rude, how do you stand up for your health instead of giving in to the pressure?

Hope you had a good hump day friends!

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