Scandal and a fABBuless Workout

Little miss thing struttin’ on ice

It is seriously tough living in a part of the world where I cannot run outside year round. The only time the cold really gets to me is when I go to lace up my running shoes, look at the temperature, and realize I may literally get hypothermia if my run is too long. I took the little bear for a walk tonight and by the end of it my cheeks were so numb they were heavy when I tried to smile and I got such bad wind burn on my legs where they weren’t covered by my boots or coat, they’re still red! Scary!

It turned into more of a 2.5 mile walk/run as we went further than I expected then a pack of coyotes snuck up on us in a field and, Lilly tucked in the coat, I high tailed it back home! After this scary walk I had very little motivation to work out but when I looked at the awesome ab workout that I had planned today and sucked it up.

The workout in the program I am following was 15 solid minutes of core that I paired with a 5 minute cardio interval workout (I will describe the cardio I did below!). I these both 3 times through and boy are my hamstrings and abs tired.

Quick 5 Minute HITT Cardio

50 sec max reps | 10 Sec Rest

Squat Jump
Step Up Hop (Right)
Step Up Hop (Left)
Plie Squat Jump
“Box” Jumps
(I use my coffee table, its VERY sturdy!)

= One round

(I did a round in between each round of ab intervals)

Dinner tonight was a delicious veggie soup which really hit the spot after that chilly walk. Now I am enjoying a mug of hot lemon water with turmeric and cinnamon and catching up on Scandal before the new season starts. If you have not seen this show, do it now! It is highly addicting, and on Netflix, and I can’t get enough.

Have a wonderful evening friends!

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