Weekend of Fun and Upper Body Fitness Challenge!

Hi friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful Friday! I have been breaking into random dance all week I’m so excited for this weekend! A quick summary: Tomorrow one of my best friends and I are going to have an all day girls date in Bismarck ending with the LUKE BRYAN concert, the Streak Into Spring challenge starts tomorrow, as well as the

This is the actual temperature as I write and this is warm compared to many days we’ve had! (-60 is the low for the year…)

Bender Fitness 30 day challenge, and on top of it all Derrick might get switched to a closer location which means I may get to see him!

These are all VERY exciting things.

As I do not live near a gym, work 60+ hours a week, and live in the coldest
place on earth, a lot of my fitness motivation comes from finding these awesome online challenges to follow.  There are so many wonderful tools and resources easily available to anyone looking to live a healthier life, it is incredible. Everyday I find a new challenge or goal I want to work on and these two just happened to begin on the same day!

The idea is that its getting to the point in the year where a lot of resolutioners are starting to fall off (if they haven’t already) and both the Bender Fitness challenge and #streakintospring challenge are here to reinvigorate your fitness goals. Sign. Me. Up.

Any excuse to kick it up another notch-I’m in!

Tonight I did an awesome 45 minute upper body workout before meeting some girl friends for dinner and it was exactly what my Friday needed!

Upper Body Workout

Chest Fly
Laying Tricep Extensions
Standing Row
Standing Fly
Alternating Shoulder Raises
Bicep Curl
Standing Tricep Extension
Upward Rows
Twisting Bicep Curls
(Standard bicep curl, rotate so that palm is facing ground and lower slowly)
Kick Backs

Perform 10/15/20 reps of each exercise depending on fitness level. Repeat the whole workout 1-3 times.

I did this 3 times with a 5 minute jumping cardio warm up and my arms are worked.

Time to call it a night as I have a big day tomorrow!

Hope you all had a wonderful Friday!

Whats your favorite winter fitness motivation?

Whats your favorite health challenge?

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