A Slight Absence

Sorry for going so long without a post, refraining from giving too much of an explanation work is crazy, Derrick has been home, busy weekend, long days, a terrible cold, and little time to sit down at the computer. That being said, the last couple weeks have been full of ups and accomplishments for me despite the chaos, which is really awesome!

Everything at work as been going really well. Derrick and I have been working to train Lilly a little better and were already seeing progress, which is awesome. We have our official dates set for our trip back to Oregon in June, as well as for next Christmas (talk about being proactive), and I have made some serious strides in my journey to healthy living.

I have made some incredible last minute meals to compensate for my lack of time and I will be including several recipes as soon as I can get them written. My workouts have been awesome but I came down with a nasty cold last week and had to lighten up on the exercise. I am still not feeling 100% so unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to go on my long weekend runs like I usually do.

Stay tuned for some more blog posts with some pretty interesting conversation topics!

Have a wonderful Saturday friends!

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