I Declare Monday

I have said countless times to friends and family that I wish there was a camera set up in my home to record all of the crazy things Derrick says and does.

He is one of the strangest and most hilarious people I have ever met and you would have no idea unless you lived with him for two years.

To give you an idea of what I am talking about I will share a few ‘Derrickisms’ with you; These are just some of his every day amusing quirky thing’s he does.

Mondays outfit

His nick name for me is BBG-this stands for “big but girl” (I really by no means have any junk in the trunk)
He only calls me by my first and last name
He calls a women’s ‘monthly’ Shark Week
He does not like to walk at home-he sprints and jumps from room to room (I am not even kidding)
He tells everyone his two girls are me and his truck..the truck comes first when he explains this
He finds it absolutely hilarious to reach in and turn the shower temperature to freezing when I am not paying attention, that or he will throw ice water over the top of the shower curtain. Sometimes both.
His favorite pass time is acting like he can’t hear me and says ‘what?’ over and over again to see how many times I’ll repeat myself and I fall for it EVERY TIME…
When the dog does something bad he yells “Lilly Foley!” ; her last name is evidently his last name.

These are just some of his every day amusing quirky thing’s he does.

I have decided that I am going to start jotting down the best Derrickism he says every day, starting with today.

I have explained to Derrick many times that as a girl who has lived with all girls my entire life (I am the oldest of 3 and lived with at least 3 girlfriends all through college) he has to give me fashion advice when I ask. I hardly ask because if it was up to him I would wear either nothing or cowboy boots every day. Neither of which are very office appropriate.

He just doesn’t get it.

So, this morning I had on two different shoes and asked for his advice on which looks better with the outfit. He never gives me a straight answer, but today’s cracked me up. Usually he skirts around the question then yells at me for asking. This morning he picked up the puppy and started dancing, turned and looked at me, then pointed at my shoes and says:

“one, two, three, four, I declare Monday”

And without another word he and the pup left the room to go eat cereal.

And on that note, I declare Monday!

Have a wonderful Monday friends!


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