Upper Body Circuit

Hello friends!

I was pretty bummed yesterday realizing my family is together on a spring break vacation in Sun River and I am half a country away. I try not to dwell so to take my mind off of it I snap chatted silly photos with my little brother and planned a super hard work out to round out my Monday! Derrick and I are both so busy with work it can be hard to find time and motivation but the last few days (with him being home and me being healthy) we’ve been really pushing each other to stay on track.
Derrick focus’s mostly on weight lifting while I incorporate weights, cardio, and HIIT exercises in almost every workout. Yesterday evening was difficult and awesome and exactly what I needed, Lilly enjoyed the outdoor running potions as well 

3 Miles and Upper Body Workout:

5 minute warm up
1 Mile for time
1 Round upper body Circuit
1 Mile for time
1 Round Upper Body Circuit
1 Mile for time
1 Round Upper Body Circuit
This took me about an hour to complete and the running portion was tough as it was about 13 degrees outside and the wind was blowing so hard I lost my hat!

Now dinner.
Dinner was so good I had it for lunch today and Derrick asked for it for dinner again last night! This is incredible because he never tries anything new, ever, and when he does its back to the regular the next night.
Last night we had delicious fish tacos and it was probably one of the easiest recipes I’ve made in a while and so delicious! We used frozen breaded tilapia we bought the last time we were at Sam’s Club and some homemade guacamole and they were heavenly. I am in the process of writing the recipe as you read this!


Happy Tuesday Friends!

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