A Freezing Spring Walk and Leg Workout

Lilly’s Blue Steel
Country Road Living

After a week of above 50 degree weather it has plummeted back to the teens with periodic snow making it really hard to get motivated to run.

This evening we braved the weather to take the pup for a walk. I absolutely love taking walks with Derrick, it rarely happens but now that Lilly is in our lives he seems to enjoy them too. It was terribly cold but we found another beautiful country road to explore making the frozen toes worth it!

We walked about 2 miles which was the perfect warm up for my leg workout this evening. This leg workout can be done with or without weights, always listen to your body. If it feels too tough with the weights, body weight is better than none!

As always stay hydrated and work within your means!

Leg Workout with Cardio Spurts

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Print

20 Air squat
-10 Jumping squats
20 Elevated single leg squat (R)
-10 Jump squats
20 Elevated single leg squat (L)
-10 Jump Squats
20 Plie Squat
-10 Jump Squats
20 Step up (R)
-10 Jump Squats
20 Step up (L)
-10 Jump Squats

I did this workout as a cut down.

Round 1

20 reps per exercise

10 reps cardio

Round 2

15 reps per exercise

6 reps cardio

Round 3

10 reps per exercise

3 reps cardio


This workout took me about 45 minutes, I had to take a lot of breaks!

I started at 20 repetitions per exercise with 10 squat jumps between each exercise. I then cut it down to 15 exercises with 6 jump squats between, and the last round was 10 reps per exercise and 3 jump squats between.


The beauty of this workout is that any cardio exercise can be done between exercises- burpees, high knees, jump rope.

You can get creative!


Derrick Lilly and I are enjoying an episode of Lost and a second round of Fish Tacos because they really were that good. I promise the recipe is coming soon!

After dinner Derrick looked over to ask what I was doing as I was sitting on the couch doing some touch ups on a post from my phone. Apparently he did not realize I could do that from my phone. When I told him what I was doing he looked at me, shocked, and replied;

“really?? Oh…you go white girl, you go”



Happy Tuesday friends!



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