Snow Day and Enjoying Your Own Company

This weekend was so much fun and rejuvenating, just the way I like it.

I spent Friday evening relaxing because I had a hike planned in the badlands on Saturday. The early morning Derrick and I spent catching up before he went to ‘bed’ for the day.

I usually don’t have enough sunlight to run as far as I would like to during the week so I keep it short and fast and save the distance for the weekend. Saturday morning before leaving for the hike Lilly and I took on a 6 mile run then I went on a solo 9 mile run Sunday.

After my run Sunday morning I buckled down and prepared for a massive blizzard that was on it way.

We have had many storms so far this season but last nights takes the cake. In 8 hours we got up to 3 feet of snow in some places andΒ  Lilly and I are not very happy about this!

I feel super off because, consequentially, I had my first snow day as grown-up and I can’t seem to figure out what day it is.

Funny how the mythical snow-days are all you can hope for while in school but, when it happens as a grown up, it is far less exciting. When I wasn’t trying to figure out if it was Sunday or Monday, I was overwhelmed with how much I knew I needed to do at work and everything I was going to have to catch up on tomorrow.

However, it was a welcomed break from a busy Monday and I loved relaxing with Derrick this morning before finishing up some chores and enjoying my own company

It was also a wonderful excuse to watch a sappy rom com and get in a killer leg workout!

I have been wanting to see the movie About Time since I first saw a trailer months ago and when I saw it on demand I rented it right away!

Rachel McAdams is the perfect medicine when you need a sappy love story in your life. I wont give much away if you haven’t already seen it, but I will say I cried my eyes out at the end and wanted to hug everybody I love!

My leg workout balanced out the crying I had done and got me motivated to get off the couch for a while before making Derrick dinner. I did two different 20 minute lower body HIIT workouts front Bend Fitness sandwiched by two short yoga stretching flows.

I rounded the night out with some Mad Men on Netflix and an amazing spinach quinoa paddy topped with shrimp in a garlic wine sauce.

So Yummy!

The recipe will be up shortly, I hope you all had an amazing weekend!


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