Derrickism of the Day

If you do not want to hear references about something that happens to a women once a month, check out a different post  If you want to hear how a squirmy boyfriend deals with the women he lives with during this week, read on…


Well it’s that time of month where a little psycho is setting up camp in my brain for a week and poor Derrick has to deal with her while I retreat into the land of the miserable and bloated. Sorry for the mental images but we’ve all been there!


Derrick can usually tell about a week before that the little visitor is on the way. I usually adamantly deny it and tell him he knows nothing about women’s bodies then BAM its shark week and he’s saying told you so.

This morning as I am getting ready for work, he comes up really close to my face, examining my blemishes and announces;

“I think you’re going to be on the rag soon”

(One of his many names for it)


I kicked him and the dog out of the bathroom so I could put my face on. I finished up, grabbed my coat, and headed for the door. As I turn around to say good bye Derrick was standing directly behind me. I give him a hug then he high fived me and yells

“Lets go bleed today!”

As I walk out the door.


I laughed to myself as I prepared to start backing out over a mountain of snow  in our driveway left there by the street clearer’s after the last blizzard.

When I turned back around there was Derrick standing in his snow boots and robe, holding our tiny little dog, videotaping me trying to back out, and cracking up because I was stuck.


Moments like these are why no day is the same in my house but always better then the last!


Does your significant other ever say some out of this world stuff?

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