Friday Fashion Recap

Hi Friends!

Its Friday again so its time for my second Friday Fashion Recap post! I have been feeling extra creative lately as I have been more frequently checking in on some of my favorite fashion blogs for outfit inspiration.

As anyone else would agree, I like to keep it comfortable, simple, and easy to wear in any situation. I work in corporate human resources and every day is different. Some days I have spur of the moment board meetings, others I have catered lunch meetings, frequently I am on skype calls, and of course there are days I don’t leave my desk.

Every day I have to dress well enough to walk past the CEO’s door in the morning while making sure I am comfortable enough to tackled my often 12 hour days.

I hope you enjoy some of my own little put together’s, they are almost entirely based off of other color and shape combinations I have seen and liked.







PS Excuse the 50 feet of rope all over the place, my maniac dog insisted on playing in the snow while we were outside. Here is a picture of her doing this-

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