Organization in Small Spaces


Hello Friends!


Sunday was perfectly uneventful and productive. It was a beautiful day for North Dakota so Lilly and I enjoyed a seasonably warm morning run before diving in to some spring cleaning! It was definitely a family effort-enjoying open windows, a warm breeze, country music, and a clean home once we finished.

This is what my dog looks like Sunday mornings when she knows were about to go for a run.

Honestly, I am usually just as excited!image

Good weather, an adorable dog, music to jam to, and a handsome man to come home to-you can’t beat an early morning Sunday run 

After the run I rousted Derrick and made us delicious protein pancakes with almond butter for breakfast before we spent the rest of the day cleaning!

My protein pancakes are never made the same way twice but always yummy. I also have a severe addiction to Almond butter-this is my 2nd tub this month!


As I was reorganizing my small Kitchen and the extra storage space we’ve created I took some pictures thinking it could possibly be helpful to others who live in similarly miniature environments.




Derrick and I have always lived in small apartments but the one we are in now takes the cake. We have had to get fairly creative as to how we were going to fit all of our stuff into the tiny space



We utilized some extra space under our counter as a make shift pantry. We bought a small bookshelf from Wall-Mart for some addition shelf space. . Having the pantry items visible made the whole room look twice as cluttered as it already was. To hide everything on the shelves, I purchased a small tension rod and draped an old scarf over the rod as a makeshift curtain. The scarf surprisingly worked well with the Kitchen colors and tied the whole area together!






We were still running out of places to neatly store various Items, others had suggested that we place another shelf in front of our back door and block access to it to alleviate the problem. That was not an option as it is where Lilly is trained to go to the bathroom and it is also nice to have it open when the weather is nice and not worry about anyone walking by. We were out of shelf space, cupboards, and there were no empty corners or walls left to work with.

We had one unclaimed closet left that was housing the furnace but we didn’t know how to utilize that space. That’s where the hanging shoe organizer came in. I had heard of people using them to organize jewelry and other small items so I figured it could work with pantry items too!


And it did, very well!

Since we had this extra space but no way to safely use it because of the furnace, this was the perfect resolution to keep things organized.

I am always looking for new ways to keep our life organized. Especially because Derrick comes home with a new toy for the dog every chance he gets!


Her treats alone take up a whole shelf!

She’ll never be able to go through all of her treats at this rate!

Can we talk about the toys?


I wasn’t kidding when I said he spoils her! I couldn’t even find all of them for the picture.

And, of all of the fancy toys we’ve gotten her, her favorite one? The free horse I got from the bank…


Go Figure!


Have a happy Monday!


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