Bicep – Tricep Cardio Circuit

Hi Friends!

Today was definitely a Monday.

I hardly ever let myself get the case of the Mondays but I couldn’t snap out of it today!

After work I couldn’t think of any better way to pull myself out of the slump than a tough workout 🙂

For the past few weeks I have been alternating my workouts between upper body and lower body. I decided it was time to narrow it down a little more this week so today I focused on the biceps and triceps.

This workout was quicker than I expected to I threw in a burnout round at the end and then did a quick ab workout to round it all out.

For this workout I used 10 lbs weights, 15 lbs weights for the burn out and did 15 reps of each exercise. I also have a coffee table sturdy enough to jump on, if you don’t you can run up an down stairs, substitute burpees, jump roping, or you choice of cardio!

Always practice proper form and listen to your body during your workouts! There is no shame in using lighter weights if needed.

Try or try not, there is no fail!


I got a serious burn out of this workout, I will definitely be repeating it in the future!image

I kept dinner simple as I could hardly move my arms afterward!

I threw together a garden salad with dried cranberries, orange cherry tomatoes, and garlic shrimp.



Have a good Tuesday!


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