Good Morning Glutes and Hamstrings!

Hi friends!

I had intended to post last night but the evening got away from me. I got home late from the office and it was Derricks last night at home before leaving for another 5 weeks.
Having him home for the last week has been so wonderful, I am not looking forward to being apart at all.

Luckily, I have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks!

Before I get into that, let’s talk workout! After Derrick and I spent some time working on training and playing fetch with the pup we got down to business.imageimage
Surprisingly, Derrick actually did a home workout with me which has literally never happened!


I was very excited about this, working out with him pushes me to work that much harder.

My workout focused on glutes and hamstrings with spurts of cardio throughout the workout. I did the whole thing twice through and was thoroughly exhausted by the end, my legs felt like jello!



There are a few ways you can do this work out;

All for time: Set an interval timer for 30-1 minute intervals and do each exercise for one minute ((30 minutes total))
For Reps and For Time: Do each leg exercise for reps 10|15|20 and each cardio exercise for time, set a timer for 1 minute in between each leg exercise
All for Reps: Do 10|15|20 reps of each exercise all the way through. (Dependent on your ability!)

As always, practice proper form to prevent injury, use weights adequate to your ability, stay hydrated, and listen to your body! If you need a break-Take one! If you can push harder- DO IT!!

We ended the evening with a few episodes of lost, because you can never just watch one, and healthy, homemade, thin wheat crust, chicken, and vegetable pizza.

So Delicious!

I try to eat whole nutritious carbs when I do have them, and dense homemade wheat dough is definitely one of my favorites. Derrick and I both love super thin and crispy crust so it ended up being more like a salad on crunchy thin bread. The perfect way to end his week home!

In other, very exciting, news. We finally booked our flights to go home in June! Both of our younger siblings are graduating from high school the same week so Derrick and I will spend the week between our two home towns to celebrate. I haven’t seen my family since I moved in September and I have been counting the days to this trip since we decided we were going back!


This will also be our first family vacation as Derrick took it on himself to buy a plane ticket for the pup…this should be interesting!
Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

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