Friday Fashion Recap


Guess what? It’s Friday again! Which Means it’s time for a Friday Fashion Recap!


If you’ve read a previous fashion recap post you know that I work in corporate human resources and the office I work out of is pretty laid back. This provides the daily task of dressing appropriately while straddling a thin line of under dressed and overdressed.

Each morning is a struggle to find a good medium!

I never buy items that aren’t on sale, I usually wait until the end of the season to shop for the next season, and I hate wearing the same outfit the exact same twice! That being said, I have to get pretty creative with items I already have in my closet.

I like to use images I find online and in magazines as inspiration for my put-together’s. Often my inspiration is either a little too unusual or way too dressy for my taste. This forces me to find a way to incorporate my favorite aspects of the look into a more laid back style.

Here are my outfits for the week and a little peak into my laid-back office style!







Have a wonderful Friday!



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