Puppy Training



Hello Friends!

Sorry for not posting the last few days. Derrick ended up surprising me and staying home an extra day before leaving for another 5 week hitch, which was very welcomed!

I took the evening off form everything just to spend it with him. I even used my rest day early, which takes a very special occasion!


We have been working quite a bit to get the puppy trained lately, she is at an age where she is not as distracted and picks things up very quickly. After I bought her I started hearing horror stories about dogs from the same breeder and I was so worried that we have major medical and behavioral issues with her down the road.
So far, nothing.
She’s not perfect, but she’s a darn good dog and incredibly smart!

So far we have the basics down-she’s leash trained and can sit, lay down, fetch, and come here. Some days are better than others, of course, but she picks things up so quickly!



So far the hardest lesson we have had with her is getting her to respond instantly to her name. She tends to ignore us until she feels it’s time to pay attention to us unless we make a loud noise to redirect her.
Now that we decided to take her with us on our flight to Oregon in June we have made a point of cracking down on the training so that travel will be smoother. We have been doing so much research to figure the best methods to train and I think we are finally both on the same page with Positive Training.




We found a website that caters to this type of training. It has how-to’s and a ton of informative videos that focus on positive reinforcement to redirect bad behavior to the good behavior we want from her. This is a very common, and in my research, the best method for training puppies.

Derrick and I both grew up around outdoor hunting dogs which require slightly different training methods. There is a lot more physicality to it, teaching the dog to know who is in charge and often responding to command out of fear rather than for their benefit.



I made the mistake of beginning her training this way which lead to worse behaviors initially that have been hard to correct. I scolded her for going to the bathroom inside, for not coming when called, and for chewing on things. Because of that she ate her own poop, was afraid to come when called running away instead, and now chews nervously on irreplaceable things while I am not looking and cowards in small spaces when I see what she’s doing.

Like I said we have been working diligently with her and changing our approach at training and it has seriously made a huge difference. She is finally beginning to realize that when we speak to her and want her to do something it is a good thing and not a bad thing. Now she wants to do her exercises with me in the evening instead of being afraid of it.



Of course we are learning as we go and each lesson for Lilly is a lesson for us.

I am always looking for new tricks for training her and am really beginning to enjoy the time we spend in the evening practicing what she has learned and adding new tricks.


Have a wonderful Friday!

I will post about my workout last night as well as my outfits for the week at some point this afternoon!


What kind of training works best for you dog?


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