15 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout


I am a little behind posting so here is yesterday’s workout!

It was seriously tough after a weekend of indulgences but I pushed through it!

I had planned on doing three rounds and running a mile for time in between…I ended up doing one round and was completely exhausted!



I decided to do three 1 mile cut downs after completing this workout. From my house to the end of my road is exactly a half mile which is very convenient for a workout like this!

A mile cut-down workout is where you run back-to-back miles and try to beat your previous time. I am not a runner at heart, it is definitely something I had to learn to love! This is a workout I learned in a running class I took in college as I prepared for my first race. Taking a class on how to run may seem silly but it was incredibly informative and taught me quite a bit as far as running properly, not to mention super motivating!

My Mile Cut-Down Times:

Mile 1 – 7:28

Mile 2 – 6:50

Mile 3 – 6:40

It has been nearly a year since I have done a cut-down workout, and close to 6 months since I last ran a mile for time so I was happy with my results!

The workout was followed byΒ  some quality outside play time with the pup and soup left overs for dinner.



I love weekends where I plan to indulge and let myself enjoy foods and beverages I normally wouldn’t, guilt-free. I have a really hard time letting lose and going off plan and not getting down on myself afterward. When I plan ahead a weekend where I will let myself do it, it is much more enjoyable and easier to get back on track afterward.

I definitely didn’t hold back at all this weekend and it was worth every bite! To get back on track I did a mini cleanse and jump started my week. I enjoyed a fully loaded green smoothie for breakfast and lunch, snacked on nuts and cherry tomatoes throughout the day, and enjoyed a vegetable soup for dinner.




It was the perfect way to start the week!

Today workout was definitely harder than I had planned, but seriously awesome! I will get around to posting it as soon as possible.


Hope you had a wonderful Tuesday!




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