A Jake Owen Weekend


I hope your weekend was as awesome as mine was!

I love early sunny morning runs

I went to Bismarck, for the second weekend in a row, with a co-worker of mine for a girls weekend. We got tickets to see the Jake Owen concert, planned a wonderful day of shopping and lunching, and stayed in one of the best hotels downtown. I love visiting the city with Derrick, but shopping with a girl friend was a welcome change!

Shopping Outfit

We had so many shopping plans we actually wrote out a weekend itinerary to keep us on track, and it was awesome!

We had to sneak Lilly into the hotel in a bag because pets weren’t allowed. Of course we were on the 5th floor and there was only one elevator to our floor that was right next to the front desk.

Lilly is really good at being the perfect dog all the time, except when I need her to be.

As were walking across the lobby she manages to get the zipper open and out of the bag I was holding her in. Luckily she had her harness on and I, somehow, grab her from falling out and keep her hidden in my coat. I somehow manage to conceal the wiggling animal in my coat as I shuffled sideways sweating bullets into the elevator.

Just as I am about to let out my breath with the doors shutting in front of me, a hand slides in and a women catches to elevator just in time.

Lily continued to wiggle the whole way up as I nervously laughed and pretended I was vigorously itching my side to hide her little fit bulging out of my coat.

By some miracle the women decided to just shrug me off as a very strange itchy person and we safely got Lilly to the room.

I will definitely remember to book hotels that are pet friendly from now on!

Once we got to the room, it was all worth it!

A very early 6 a.m. wake up call followed by an all day shopping spree and not enough coffee resulted in a couple of very tired ladies. We were more than excited to find that we not only had an incredible view of downtown, but a couple of sleep number beds! A quick power nap was all we needed to reboot before the concert.

I had never laid on one before but I am definitely a fan now! From the looks of it so was Lilly…


Concert Outfit! I’ll have to get a better picture of it, I am obsessed with the shirt!

The concert was incredible. The opening acts were great and Jake Owen was even better. We had been informed by some neighbor concert goers that Jake might be somewhere in the audience to start off. Cameras ready, the concert started and out popped Jake Owen in the back of the arena right next to where we were sitting. He was so close to us that all of the pictures we got were almost creepy they were so close! A couple of high fives before he headed to the stage were the best souvenir we could have asked for.

Overall it was a wonderful concert, a wonderful weekend, spent with wonderful company!

Following an eventful evening, Sunday was a mellow day. We headed home in the morning and spent the rest of the day relaxing and getting ready for the week.

I am not sure what Lilly spent the night doing in the hotel room, but she was just as tired as we were!


Lazy Sunday puppy snuggles are the absolute best. I rounded the whole weekend out with an evening Yoga flow and an early bedtime.


I hope you all had a good weekend as well!

Stay tuned for yesterdayโ€™s 15 Minute Full Body HIT Workout!










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