Easter weekend



What a weekend!

Between taking on a few extra project at work, surprise visits form Derrick, catching up with friends, warm weather, and a holiday weekend I have been buus-y.

As busy as it has been, I finally spent a whole weekend at home which was such a nice change!


I kicked the holiday weekend off on Friday evening with a long 6 mile walk in the company of a good friend. We started walking and just didn’t want to stop! It was nearly pitch black by the time we finally got back but the fresh air and watching the sun set out over farm fields was well worth it.

I had already taken Lilly on a 4 mile run Friday morning so she was completely worn out after our walk.

I even caught her falling asleep sitting up while I was making dinner, it was too adorable not to take a picture!


Saturday morning was spent doing some spring cleaning and this intense HIIT workout. I was completely exhausted after about 45 minutes of the video. It was tough to finish but the trainer did an awesome job of encouraging you the whole time, and I definitely needed it!

I spent Saturday afternoon and evening outside in the beautiful weather and cooking with friends.

When the weather warms up I crave light and easy meals so for dinner I made us delicious stuffed peppers, and it was exactly what I needed!

This picture definitely doesn’t do it justice 🙂


I make stuffed peppers often and never make it the same way twice. Its an easy meal you can make as long as you have ground turkey, or beef, and a couple of bell peppers. I usually add whatever fresh or frozen veggies I have on hand to the cooked meat then bake it all together.

So yummy!

Easter morning started with an early run for the pup and I, followed by many different phone calls to family members. Living away from all of my immediate and extended family makes holidays hard and means I spend most of the time on the phone saying my hellos.

Unfortunately Derrick has been working and wont be home until Tuesday so I was really on my own for Easter. I miss my family terribly on special occasions but love that I have developed my own little family here.


After our run I got ready to head to town to have brunch with a friend and spend the afternoon enjoying good food, egg dying, and sunshine.

With the weather as gorgeous as it was, I couldn’t pass up whipping together my favorite healthy homemade vanilla frappacino before heading to town!



I ended up doing all the cooking for brunch, which was fine by me since I love working in the kitchen!

Since I was a little crunched for time I kept it simple and threw together a summer vegetable frittata, turkey and mozzarella stuffed crossaints, and a chia seed fruit salad.

Even the little ones enjoyed the meal, which is saying something@


After brunch we went for a quick walk before I came home and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and getting organized for the week at home.

I haven’t spent time at home during the day in nearly 3 weeks so I was jsut as excited to get stuff done here as I had been for Easter brunch!

All around this weekend was wonderful and I am greatly looking forward to having Derrick come home this week!


Hope you all had a wonderful day!


Happy Easter!

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