The Easter Games

Good Morning!

Derrick finally comes home tonight and, since we didn’t get to spend Easter together, I decided to put together a little belated Easter surprise.

Every time I go to the grocery store with my adult boyfriend it turns into a fight over what I won’t buy for him. No matter where we go he always find the toy isle and begs for sling shots, nerf guns, water guns…
you name it-I have had to sneak it out of the cart and hid it from him so he would forget he wanted to buy it.

Maybe it was the allure of the Wal-Mart Easter isle, or because I was missing my grown-up-kid, but I decided to surprise him with an Easter basket tonight when he gets home. As I was shopping for all of his favorite candies I found some hilarious toys including a nerf gun and a jelly-bean pooping plastic chicken.


Then I got an idea.

I headed straight to the toy isle and found the perfect toys for my plan.

I set up Derrick’s Easter basket including his very own nerf gun(s).


I even included a little note to let him know that the games have begun.


Little does he know, I picked up a little nerf gun of my own.

While he plays with his little three-shot nerf gun I will be in the back room


Waiting with a fully loaded 12 shot automatic nerf gun

I think I spent more on this gun than I have on my last three pairs of shoes combined, but the look on Derrick face will be priceless.

He’ll never know what hit him!

Happy Easter games!


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