Derrickism Of The Day

My big teddy bear who insisted he would use this dog as punting practice if I got it. Uh-huh.


I thought I would do another Derrickism post, since I haven’t in a while.

In the midst of getting pelted by nerf bullets for not helping clean up the house, I was looking online for inspiration for dinner tonight. Derrick is a phenomenal cook, especially for the dishes he likes to make, but knowledge in the kitchen stops when those recipes do. Unfortunately, this is not a long list of meals.

Sometimes I blurt out things I’m reading to him as if he knows what I am talking about. Normally he goes with it and nods his head until I continue on with what I was doing.

When I came across the yummy recipe I was reading I blurted out the title of it,

“Oh! Babe! Chipotle twice-baked sweet potatoes!”

Derrick replied,

“Oh, ok. I can do this. Buffalo, barbecue, carrot.”

I couldn’t help but crack up realizing, in hindsight, how random my announcement had been.

He has been saying some extra hilarious stuff lately, lets hope it continues!


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