Lead an Oregon Girl to Snow…Doesn’t Mean She Will Like It!


This week has already been quite interesting.

As if Mondays weren’t already tough enough, I woke up yesterday to a fresh foot of snow and no way to clear it off of my car or driveway. I ended up having to rip up an old cardboard box just to push some of it off of my windows so I could see!

I know snow is not the end of the world but when I woke up this morning to an additional 4 inches of new powder, I decided I am very ready for the end of this never ending winter!

Growing up in Oregon, snow was a treat. It was exciting and beautiful in contrast to the tall dark vegetation, and if there was anything more than a half-inch-the whole city shut down for the day. Here it starts in October and lasts until May and just when you’re really starting to get sick of it-the worst storms of the season roll through.

The calm quiet that happens just after a storm is still one of my favorite things in the world.

The way a fresh snow mutes all of the earth’s sounds and storm clouds warm up even the coldest days are moments much appreciated in North Dakota.

Just not when its nearly May..

Considering I have already been in a snow-related accident this year, winter driving is one of my least favorite things to endure.

On my way to the dog sitters before work one morning this winter I ended up backwards in-between an unsuspecting strangers’ front porch and a freshly planted tree.

I am not sure exactly how it all happened. All I know is one minute I was driving, quite slowly I might add, through a neighborhood and the next my little 20 year old Honda Civic was doing 360’s down a residential neighborhood street.

Narrowly missing parked trucks left and right I had a “Jesus Take the Wheel” moment as I spun down the road realizing there was nothing I could do to stop this train wreck…err car wreck.

All of a sudden my back end hit a bump and launched the front of my car up into the front yard of an unsuspecting house.

One more 360 and the deep snow finally slowed the momentum my car had built up. I came to a stop sideways and backwards far into a strangers front yard nestled tightly between a young tree and the homes front porch.

I must have had someone looking after me that morning because I not only avoided every obstacle in my path on the road, I also missed the house, the tree, and no one was unfortunate enough to be caught in my path.

Once my heart rate slowed I put my front wheel drive in gear and slowly drove out of the yard with my tiny puppy still sleeping in my lap..

I can only imagine the face on the home owner when they came out that morning to see tire tracks all over their front lawn!

Needless to say, I turn into a 90 year old women behind the wheel when there is any snow on the ground!

So, I have not been thrilled with the icky whether changes this week and cannot wait for shorts and tank top season!

Also, Oregon in June is guaranteed to not have snow and I have 37 days to go!


Hope you all are having a fantastic week!

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