Sunday’s Are For Relaxing And Cooking


Sorry I have been so sporadic with my posts. I have been firing on all cylinders lately and had to manage my time so that I didn’t lose it!

Hopefully this picture of Lilly will help you forgive me ๐Ÿ™‚

I come to you from my cozy couch with a hot mug full of lemon water and a puppy on my lap.

This has been the perfect relaxing me-time weekend. Derrick has been at work, both of my good friends here are out of town, and I made no real effort to make plans so that I could just relax at home with the pup.

Friday night I decided I was in the mood for something ethnic so I whipped up a Green Coconut Chicken Curry over Mediterranean Cauliflower Rice.

It was seriously amazing.

Just, yum.

I wanted to eat the whole thing! I nearly ate all of the cauliflower rice before the curry was even done!

It was definitely one of the easiest curry’s I have ever made, I can’t wait to make it for Derrick when he gets home next week.

Lilly and I woke up early Saturday morning and enjoyed a gentle morning yoga flow before grocery shopping. I volunteered to make a healthy fruit watermelon cake and a quinoa salad for a co-worker’s birthday potluck tomorrow so today will be busy in the kitchen!

Here is a sneak peak! I carved a flower out of a piece of watermelon that I cut off to make the cake.

I modeled the carving after a hair clip!

It turned out way better than expected!

I did a pretty intense weighted leg workout yesterday evening so I was super sore this morning and ready for another morning yoga flow to stretch out my muscles.

After finishing my practice I decided I was in the mood for quiche.

Well, I am always in the mood for quiche but this morning I was in the mood to make it!

So many veggies!


I made a homemade gluten and dairy free crust, filled the egg with vegetables, and a side of sweet potato hash browns.

3-Ingredient 5 Minute Pie Crust. So easy!


Cast Iron Parmesan Sweet Potato Hash Browns


It was heavenly.


Exactly what I needed to start my day of relaxation and cooking, the absolute perfect Sunday if you ask me!

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

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