The Perfect Monday


I woke up this morning and decided that instead of dreading  yet another Monday, I would live today as if it were Saturday morning all over again.

I hopped out of bed excited and energized for an extra early morning run, just as I would on a beautiful Saturday morning.

I did an calming yoga flow after my run, took my time getting ready, enjoyed one of my new go-to Pandora stations, and slowly sipped on warm lemon water.

To top it all off,  I enjoyed a piece of the quiche I made this weekend for breakfast with a bunch of fresh strawberries on the side.

It was the ultimate Monday morning!



I even wore heals to work, that’s how peppy I was feeling!

The work day went just as enjoyably.

It was my boss’ birthday so we threw a surprise office potluck for her.

The best part? It was a healthy office potluck to help support her diet!

I haven’t talked about it much here, but most of the people I work with do no pay much attention to what they put into their bodies. So that fact that everyone brought food that I could actually eat was very exciting!

I threw together a chicken and shrimp salad packed full of veggies from all of the different finger foods everyone brought.

It was perfect!




Knowing that I probably had the best recipe ideas for a “healthy” cake, I had been volunteered to bring one for the potluck today.

Little did they know, my version of a healthy cake wasn’t just using half the butter and sugar, but making a cake entirely out of a watermelon!


Fortunately it was a huge hit and the only thing left at the end of the day was the flower I carved a piece the watermelon!

I was so incredibly easy, definitely a keeper for all future warm weather celebrations 🙂

Since no one else would touch them, I ended up with all of the left over fruits and veggies. I definitely did not complain!


I couldn’t have been happier munching on this all afternoon!

I did a tough back and ab workout when I got home today then took Lilly outside to play some fetch.

The warm weather had brought all of the neighborhood kids out of hiding and she was in puppy heaven.

I watched like a hawk like the protective pup-mama I am but Lilly was having the time of her life chasing and being chased by a bunch of energetic kids.



A plate full of pesto salmon and brussle spouts made for the perfect end to the perfect Monday.


I hope you all had as equally wonderful of a Monday as I did!




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