Mothers Day Weekend


This Weekend was the perfect mix of fun and relaxation. I went to a concert, enjoyed a coupled of long walks followed some much needed yoga flows, and caught up on chores around the house.

imageLilly and I love exploring the little roads that run between the wheat fields surrounding town. It may be windy but there is some true beauty in this part of the world.


This was the first mothers day spent away from home and it was as hard for me as it was for my mother. I miss her dearly but morning wake-up kisses from my furry child made the whole day more bearable!



Friday I went to an awesome 80s cover band concert. I grew up listening to classic Jazz and the Beatles, so 80’s rock is pretty foreign to me. So foreign I thought dresing up as “bad Sandy” from Grease would be the perfect outfit.



Lets just say, when grown women in full fish net outfits are giving you dirty looks you know you have gone the wrong direction!

Regardless, I had a blast dancing with my coworkers until I could hardly walk!

I have been loosely following Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer for the last couple weeks and, so far, I am loving it! I have been doing a lot of full body HIIT training recently so focusing on cardio and lifting has been a much welcomed change in workout pace.

Because I live so far from town all of my workouts are done at home. I run outside or do HIIT cardio indoors when he weather gets sour and do weight training using the few pieces of workout equipment I do have.


I am actually fairly happy with my collection of workout equipment, its not perfect but its growing and I love learning all sorts of different moves that will help me get even stronger!

Below is a chest workout I did last week, you can use any type of weight you have available, even if its just a couple of water bottles or a sack of rice!

I’ll post a killer leg and arm wokout I did over the weekend shortly as well.


Hope your Mothers day was filled with love and happiness and the appreciation of all the things our beautiful mothers do for us day in, and day out.


Happy belated Mothers day to all you Supermoms out there!

I don’t know how you do it!


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