Leg Day!

Can you guess what my favorite day is to do one of my least favorite workouts?? Monday, of course! If you didn’t already know, I am a little different and actually LOVE leg day, but Mondays are a different story. I make myself knock it out on first thing every week to start it off strong and on a high note.

This Monday was no different, I was up and out of the house by 4:50 and rockin’ the squat rack by 5:10. And yes, that is AM.

This workout incorporates some really heavy lifting with body weight burn outs and a wobbly stair climb right to the end.

To follow up I will explain the lunge ad squat variations listed, below;


Walking lunge pulse: You will set up like you are doing a walk lung on the right leg. Step forward with your right leg into a 90 degree lunge. Pulse twice in a deep lung and step you left foot forward to meet your right. NOW, instead of continuing on to you left leg, step forward with you right again and repeat the pulsing. Do this for as many reps as possibly on the same leg before continuing on. Trust me, this is very hard toward the end! Once you cannot take another step on the right side, stop and begin again on the left.

Triple Threat Squat Jump: This exercise will involve some cardiovascular strength. It was also be done to completion on one leg before continuing to the other side. The movements will consist of a curtsey squat, a regular lung (same leg behind), and a body weight squat followed by an explosive squat jump. Reset and start again on the same leg. This movement combination was way harder then I expected, but an awesome burn!

As always, make sure to chose a weight suitable to your level of fitness and always use proper form when lifting equipment. If you ever feel uncomfortable in a movement stop and evaluate whether you should use light weights or modifications.

Hope you enjoy!

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