My Weightloss Story

I am not going to lie, this post was difficult to write.

I have been writing this blog for over a year and managed to avoid publishing my story, until now.

I feel it is only fair that in sharing so much about my healthy lifestyle today, I also show you where it came from.

I, too, have a weight loss story.

IMG_1041I have not always lived the healthful balanced life I live today.

Like many people, I drank heavily in college. I stayed out late, ate poorly, made bad decisions, and put the weekends before school on too many occasions.

You can probably guess that fitness was definitely not a top priority during this time, either.

There were weeks that I would drink more days than I wouldn’t, and nights lost to Netflix binges, food binges, or both.

Something I am terribly ashamed of? I could put away a foot long and a half with a family size bag of Cheetos without even batting an eye.


I had a lot of the self esteem issues that I still battle today. I don’t like to remember this period but I hope that by sharing it, I can motivate and help others to make the changes I have made.

At 5’5″ I had never weighed more than 120 lbs. In less than 6 months during my freshman year of college I gained over 30 lbs.

I stopped weighing myself when I hit 155, so I honesly don’t know what my peak weight got to be.

Being someone with a naturally small frame, this was a huge change in appearance.

My senior year prom, before my weight gain.

To be completely honest, I do not have many pictures from when I gained weight. I couldn’t stand how I looked or how I felt, and at one point I made sure little evidence remained.

I had lost weight at this point, but I still can’t believe I wore a belly shirt!

Although I had known I needed a change, my first realization came on my 20th birthday.

The gifts I received that year consisted of;

a set of weights

a medicine ball

a workout video

and a couple of fashion magazines.

Needless to say, I got the hint.

My first instinct was humiliation and I turned to food, as I always had.

But then I got angry.

Angry at myself for letting it go on as long as it had and angry I had let my weight take over my life.

It was hard but this is where I started my journey.

I tried many different kinds of exercise to figure out what I liked.

I ran

I cycled

I took boot camp classes

I tried yoga

I went to dance classes

I hiked

You name it, I tried it!

After a couple years I even started running races!

For a long time I expected instant results. When I didn’t see the changes I wanted I would revert to old habits.


Thus began my ‘yo-yo’ phase.

I would try one thing only to walk away when it didn’t work fast enough.

I know now that this is normal in a weightless journey.

Those looking to better themselves and their health have to not only learn about the process, but learn patience with the process.

Over time I figured out not only what worked for me, but what I liked.

This is what I consider to be the most important part of my journey.IMG_1042

The part where I not only discovered my likes and dislikes, but I got to know myself, my strengths, and my weaknesses. In a way I learned to love myself, despite my flaws.

Now, don’t get me wrong, its a work in progress. More days then not I find myself more insecure than I should be, but don’t we all?

My weightless story, like many others, is still being written but I am pretty proud of myself for whats already on the pages.

While some weeks are better than others, I have found balance in my nutrition and exercise, one that I want to share with others who are struggling.

If you ever have any nutrition or fitness inquiries, please feel free to contact me! I am always happy answer questions and offer my assistance!

You can email me at;









  1. Enjoyed reading your story. I must admit I have been there but mainly in my mid years. Alcohol and snacking are always the main culprits.

    I have always enjoyed cycling and came to a turning point in my life it’s either serious weight loss or a coronary! Hence this challenge of an Alpine ride. I hope this has transformed my life. I am on my way!

  2. Natale, thanks so much for checking out my blog. and also for sharing your story. congratulations on getting healthy! i look forward to following your ventures as you continue living your fit and happy life. and perhaps i will have to do some Grapefruit Diaries features in the future to showcase other women getting active! 🙂

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