Back & Ab Workout

Today I took myself, and a friend, through a Back & Ab workout with jump rope intervals. These two muscle groups are probably my weakest, so I have made a point of incorporating them into my weekly lifting routine!


My workouts combine weight lifting with HIIT cardio intervals. Lately I have been incorporating the cardio drills into the body of the workout, instead of doing a bulk of it before or after I work with weights.

This seems to be working really well for me!


The science behind the benefits of HIIT style workouts is undeniable. That being said, if you are trying to build muscle, it is not necessary to do an excessive amount of cardiovascular exercises. I have founding that a balance of muscle focused weight lifting with intermittent cardio drills will reap the best results.

You would be surprised how exhausting and winded you will get from a proper set of squats!

If you ever do not like, or are not able to do, a certain move- change it! Nearly all of my workouts are based off others I have seen performed, with my own favorite exercises mixed in.

I’ve really gotten into jump roping so you will see it appear in my posts often 🙂 If you like the workout but jumping isn’t your thing, replace it with burpees, stairs, sprints, jumping jacks-whatever your most comfortable with!

Happy Hump-Day!

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