Fit Friday: Heart-Shaped Core Exercises

Valentines day themed workout! Love this idea.

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Heart-Shaped Exercises

If you are in the Valentine’s spirit, then *do these heart-shaped exercises that focus on strengthening your core.

Medicine Ball Heart Trace

Medicine Ball (MB) Heart Trace: Stand tall and keep your core as still as possible as you trace the shape of a heart with a light medicine ball or dumbbell.

Bow and Arrow Pull

Bow & Arrow Pull:Β  Reach towards the ground with your back straight and chest open. As you come up to standing, pretend you are pulling back a bow and arrow. Your back elbow needs to stay high with your shoulder down away from your ear.

Heart Plank

Heart Plank: Trace the shape of a heart while in a plank position. Make sure to alternate hands. Modify this exercises by going down to your knees or take your feet out wider.

Split Leg Heart

Split Leg Heart: Trace the shape of a heart with your feet as you keep your hips to your head as still as…

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