Full Body At-Home HIIT Workout

Ever just don’t feel like going to the gym? or maybe you don’t have a membership to one? Either way, this Full Body HIIT is an awesome workout you can do anywhere!

full body HIIT 226

I have some dumbbells that I used to add some extra weight, but equipment is not required!


Stairs: High Knees or Ski Jumps

Step-Ups: Alternating Lunges or Split Jumps

Jump Rope: Fake it! Jump as though you have one!

Fortunately, I have stairs and sturdy furniture to work with. If you want to give it a try, but have nothing to ‘step up’ on or stairs to run- just modify!


I am the kind of person who gets distracted by anything just to get out of a home workout. My trick? Put my workout clothes on right away!

For the most part, I keep my workout and lounge wear separate. That way when I’m wearing fitness clothes I’m much more inclined to get my sweat on then when I put my lounge wear on!

Best part of working out at home?


My little fur ball!

Lilly loves running stairs with me so we both got a workout!

What do you do to stay active on the weekends?

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