The Perfect Leg and Ab Workout!

Guess what??

It’s Monday so it’s leg day!

SAMSUNG CSCI personally think any leg workout is the ‘perfect’ workout, but today’s was awesome.

Instead of dreading Mondays and Leg Days- I combined them and decided that I love them.

[it’s all mental..]

Here is the glute-buster I took myself through this morning!

legday 3-2On another note, Derrick and I have been doing our research on a litter fur sibling for Lilly.SAMSUNG CSC

Were both clean freaks so the requirements are as follows;


Any Size



In other words, we haven’t narrowed it down much but we are open to suggestions!

We found the perfect hybrid breed, but in an effort to not get my hopes up about this one [it happens often when I think I’ve found the one] , Ill wait to share more!

As much as I (have chosen) to love Mondays- I’m sure glad its over!

Bring on Tuesday 😉

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  1. nice workout! we have always had Shih Tzus in my fam, as my parents were all about the non-shedding lil cute pups too. love those lil girls so much! your dog is adorable. in contrast, my brother has a massive, sloppy, shedding, gorgeous mess of a Bernese Mountain dog who leaves her marks everywhereeee…and i love her so. 🙂

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