Another week, another Tuesday!

I’m wrapping up a couple of projects at work, so I have been incredibly busy lately!

However, I will not let that keep me from my morning ‘me’ time at the gym.

For everyone’s sake, the busier I get the more I make exercise a priority!

I was up bright and early this morning to knock out a shoulder, chest, and cardio workout!


Afterwards I enjoyed my all-time-fav recovery drink – almond chocolate milk & whey protein – then got ready to head to the office early!


Unfortunately I found a hole in my favorite tennis shoes. I swear, I go through these things like they’re made of paper!
IMG_1897Guess this means I’m in the market for new gym shoes…againΒ  πŸ˜‰

Finished the morning up with a hearty breakfast and ran out the door!

IMG_1907The rest of my day got a whole lot more boring and filled with system and database process cataloging [woo-hoo!].

Hope you all enjoyed your fabulous Tuesday!

Ready to kill a Back and Ab workout with me tomorrow??

Stay Tuned!

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