Never Miss a Monday + Leg Day

My new favorite motto?

Never Miss a Monday!

I love the message; always start your day, week, year off on the right foot. Don’t put anything off until ‘tomorrow’ start today.

Even if that means waking up at the crack of dawn to knock out your leg workout!SAMSUNG CSCAs you have probably figured out from my previous posts, leg day is my favorite!

I purposely place leg workouts at the beginning of the week so that I can look forward to Monday mornings – which is not easy!

buttliftlegworkoutWith the new puppy in the house I have had to work in two walks a day, in addition to training, toΒ  burn off some of his puppy energy.


I feel so fortunate that he has been as good as he has been so far!


He is picking up on commands quickly, had very few accidents, and is awesome in his crate while were sleeping or away

Plus, he loves Lilly almost as much as I do!


Cant get much better then that!

Hope you all had an awesome Monday!

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