Perfectly Sculpted Back and Chest Workout

I don’t know about you, but I have a very hard time with back workouts.

I usually associate back pain with being sick [or a specific week of the month] so I have a love-hate relationship with back workouts.

While I love a well sculpted back, I am not a fan of dealing with sore back muscles for days after a workout.

IMG_1082I deal with the pain in order to improve my all over toned appearance, but gosh they’re tough to get through some days!

Today I decided to go hard, and not go home…but finish my workout whether I wanted to or not.

It resulted in a super sweaty and awesome back and chest workout- which I am already feeling! [gr.]

All sore-ness aside, I am so incredibly excited that tomorrow is Thursday because that means Derrick is coming home!


He works in the oil industry and is away from home about 1/3 of the time. It’s tough, some weeks feel like eternities, and nights are lonely but it makes for true quality time together when he is home.

This weekend we will get to escape from our little town to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with some good friends in DEADWOOD, SD!

I. Wan’t. Wait.

Happy Hump-day friends!

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