St Patricks Day Weekend !


I want to start off with a huge thank you for all of the positive feedback I got on last Friday’s post.

It was so exciting and overwhelming, I am still processing it!

It was definitely a reminder as to why I created this blog, to cultivate a community of healthful people who thrive off the work of like minded motivators.

Between Derrick being home, a new puppy in the house, going out of town 2 weekends in a row, and finally finishing an online course I have been taking- I had to take a break from posting for a few days.


Last weekend we went to Deadwood, SD with some friends to celebrate St. Patricks Day. We had a good time, but learned the hard way that we really shouldn’t make plans to do anything but spend time together when Derrick is home.

He leaves for weeks at a time for work so when he is home we really need to just devote our time to each other.

In addition, I have finally realized that I really do not do well in huge loud groups of intoxicated people. Neither of us were too excited about the actual festivities and much more interested in relaxing at the adorable cabin!

Lesson learned 🙂

Long conversations during an even longer drive with two sleepy puppies and good food was the perfect end to the weekend. (SD has Safeway and we LOVE Safeway sandwiches!)IMG_2269

I love road trips with my goobers!


We got home Sunday and spent the rest of the day cleaning everything, including the dogs, and getting ready for the week!

This week I made a big batch of brown rice, baked chicken, and Brussels Sprouts for my lunches.


I even made some oven roasted garbanzo beans for a snack!


Hands down, these are my favorite snacks.

The gym was a little hit and miss for me this week, but when I actually made it in, I made it worth it!

Ill have the workout break downs up shortly 🙂

Hope you all have had a wonderful week!


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