High Heel Hangover

If I had to choose a theme for the weekend [other then party] it would be high heels.

I wore a lot of them

11071599_10203971944726349_7872737061953215372_nof all shapes

11084306_10203970356886654_8891879596570837016_nand all heights

11073403_10203980559381710_6094570720846469899_n In some cases while walking for very long distances.

I’m not going to lie, I got the point where I had to take them off and go [gasp!] barefoot just to keep from sitting down and giving up all together!

Ok, give me some credit- the first night I walked over 2 miles in my favorite wedges and one of them literally broke in half on our way to the taxi!

IMG_2595{RIP Favorite Wedges…}

So, as discussing as walking barefoot outside sounds- it was a necessity!

And the result of all this walking?

>>>Warning! Some not so beautiful pictures of feet to follow!<<

IMG_2560Extremely swollen feet and blisters in places I didn’t think possible..

I mean so painful and swollen I couldn’t even put by favorite old navy flip flops on by the end of the trip!

Being human and not taking well to being uncomfortable, I took action.

I used the whole trip home to research how to battle my wounds, and found some pretty good advice combing the internet!

See below for my tips on how to get as quickly of a recovery but first, here is a before and after shot taken only a day and a half apart;

IMG_2591No secret remedies or potions just tried and true steps to getting back on my feet [<–pun intended].

1.) Get off your feet!

Elevate them as much as possible- the higher the better. This will help tremendously with the swelling. I found a lot of relief keeping my feet up at my desk the last two days, although I had to get clever [ex. using my garbage can] to get them as high as I could! Any time I had to put my feet back down I could feel the swelling pressure return. While I normally stand at my desk, I have made it a point to sit my butt down and let my feet recover!

2.) Show them some love

Message them, moisture them, exfoliate them. The more you pamper your feet the better and they will feel, and quickly!

3.) Stretch em’ out

As soon as I could bare, I started doing toe and Achilles stretches. Heels force your Achilles and calf muscles to contract, which can cause all kinds of soreness in places you wouldn’t expect. Stretching the muscles in your lower extremities will help to alleviate this pain faster. My go-to exercise whenever I am not feeling 100%, and especially when I am sore, is yoga. I fell in love with yoga several years ago for many reasons, and found it to be extremely helpful in maintaining and improving foot strength and flexibility. Having to foot pain? Try some yoga stretches!

4.) Hot and cold mineral soaks

I think this step is both my favorite, and the most effective. While all of the above steps are important, heating and cooling the sore and inflamed muscles will do wonders! I hate cold feet so I only used cool tap water for the cooler soaks, and paired it with a warm Epsom salt soak. I have sworn by Epsom salt for years to help relieve sore muscles, foot muscles can benefit from its wonders as well!

5.) Avoid foods that bloat

For me, as for most, this means avoiding foods that are high in fat and sodium. I am overly sensitive to the foods I eat so if I can reduce the amount of swelling by altering my diet, I’m all for it! Luckily this week I am on a 7 day recovery detox so I’m not having any issues avoiding these foods anyways 🙂

Following the steps above as strictly as possibly, my feet are half the size they were and the blisters are a fraction of the size they got to!


Trust me, I know how gross foot pictures are, but this demonstrates how quickly my feet have healed with a little TLC!
IMG_2580^^Me trying to do yoga today = me fighting the dogs for floor space -_-

Do you have any tricks you swear by to recover from a night in heels?

Happy Hump Day!


  1. I feel for you! I can’t live without high heels and always go for platforms and cushioned soles. Of course, I love hosiery and that really saves me. I always walk with a pair of ballet flats and slip into them if I have to walk too far. I have a friend who runs a nail salon, so she pampers me once a month. I’m glad you’re doing better.

    1. I think I need a friend to pamper me after a long weekend! That is awesome! I would normally carry a small bag and flats but last weekend I opted to take everything I needed in a compact phone/wallet combo- very little room for shoes! 😦 But I survived! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Ahh this resonates with me so much! After one particularly long day at the ‘office’ (on set for a fashion campaign) I had really sore feet and numb toes. Your tips are spot on! Calf stretches are a brilliant remedy and preventative measure, and I try to do some everyday to avoid a shortening of the muscles from too much heel-wearing!
    So excited to read more of your blog xxx

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