Taking a Week Off + The Healthy Detox

Last Friday I made up my mind that I would not be lifting, or returning to the gym, for at least a week. While this made me feel anxious about losing the progress I had worked so hard for, forcing myself to workout when I am mentally and physically exhausted can be just as damaging.

Taking a week off from whatever form a fitness you practice can be far more beneficial than trying to make yourself go through the motions without power and motivation.

When I go long periods of daily, or near daily, workouts with little recovery in between, I start to hit a wall. My mind isn’t in it, my muscles are tired, and all around I start to feel discouraged and weak.

It is hard, but I have to remind myself that I am not weak because I feel this way, but because everyone needs to take time to let their body recover. Running at 100% around the clock will wear down even the toughest person, and that’s OK!

It definitely helped that we had some beautiful weather the last week, so all I wanted to do was sit outside with the pups and a good book!


IMG_1742So this week I took a moment to step back, reassess my goals, and recharge.

I used my off week to detox my body of all the eating out I have been doing while traveling. While I tend to make healthful choices at a restaurants, there are always extra oils and fats that I don’t normally cook with added to the food.

I’m going to be honest and tell you I don’t believe in extreme detoxes. I can see very few circumstances that would legitimately require a person to go to such extremes as to only consume water and spices for a week.

That can be dangerous and unnecessary when trying to lose weight. There are much safer avenues to rid your body of the toxins consumed in every day foods!

When I need to detox, I go back to the basics;


->Raw Fruits

->Raw Vegetables

->Raw Nuts

->Lemon Water

->Healthy Proteins

->Healthy Fats

The Menu


Plain egg white muffins w/ half an avocado + Fruit salad


All Raw ‘Garden Salad’ + 1 Baked Chicken Breast


Cucumber Slices OR Raw Nuts


Baked Salmon + Asparagus

Boiled Corn on the Cob

All Day Long:

Lemon Water!

I followed this meal plan daily and by Wednesday I felt 1000 times better!

I complimented the whole foods detox by practicing yoga in the mornings before work.

I sleep better when I have done some sort of exercise so after a few days of nothing at all, I eased myself back into it with a yoga practice.

SAMSUNG CSCYoga was one of the first forms of exercise I experimented with when I began my fitness journey and whenever I need a ‘reset’ I go right back to it.

There are so many mental and physical benefits of yoga, I advise anyone looking for a place to start, or even a way to get over a plateau, to plop their bum on a mat!

I feel rested and cleansed and ready to tackle to coming week!

Tomorrow I’ll post about the awesome workout mash-up I got to participate in at my gym this weekend, it was difficult but so much fun!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend 🙂

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