The Daily Curve Ball

I am not going to lie, after taking a week off I am having a hard time getting back into my regular routine.

I still don’t feel completely caught up on sleep and when I’m tired I have little motivation to do anything productive.

The housework has slipped, I’m still playing catch up at work, and I can tell my muscles are aching for some gym time.


{I mean seriously…look at this mountain of clothes! Glad someone is enjoying it..}

Like always, I’ll pull through this little rut but it seems the odds aren’t in my favor!

I was sure today was the day I would get back on the wagon.

I wrote out an awesome full body HIIT workout and planned to follow it up with some sprints in the field by our house with the dogs.

I looked forward to it all day.

Then, unfortunately, the moment I got home my little Lilly got into some coffee beans. SAMSUNG CSC

Whole, full of caffeine and theobromine, coffee beans.

If you didn’t already know [honestly I didn’t until recently] coffee can be just as bad, if not worse for dogs than chocolate. The combination of theobromine and caffeine can basically short circuit their systems if they have a large enough serving.

Lilly being the whopping 7 pounds that she is had way more than a small serving, alarming me and the vet.

Needless to say, the workout didn’t happen.

I tried to get her to throw it up, without any success, and eventually had to take her to the puppy ER.


We spent the majority of the evening trying to calm her down and get her to stop puking after all the medication they gave her.


She spent the whole time glaring at me with this ‘I know you have something to do with this but I don’t know what’ face.

I felt terrible, she felt worse, and Axel was such a trooper.

$200.00 later we finally got to go home.

I half halfheartedly tried to make it through the workout I had planned in my living room, but the second I sat on the ground my little girl crawled up on my lap and didn’t want to move.

So, I accepted the curve ball for what it was, snuggled her to make her feel better, and tried not to get down on myself for going another day without a workout.

We went to bed early, and well try again tomorrow!


How could I not stop everything to snuggle with this face!


Also, this is how my showers go now.

How do you deal with curve balls? What advice would you give someone in a rut?

Hope you all had a fantastic Monday!

But seriously, thank god its over..



  1. I think our success lies in our ability to adapt to these kinds of situations. You did that well. Missing one workout isn’t the end of the world šŸ™‚ just go back at it the next day! You’ll get back on track, just keep your head up

    1. Thank you so much for the positive thoughts! I’m definitely glad I was able to be there to snuggle my girl instead of in a sweaty gym. You can’t plan for everything, just have take it as it comes. Hope you had a wonderful Tuesday!

  2. Woo-sahh… sounds like a lot going on, but I’m glad everyone is okay! I completely agree with the post above me in that missing one workout is not the end of the world. A life of balance means that sometimes life comes first. Ultimately, it makes life a whole lot better.

    Can’t wait to see smiling pictures of Lilly in the near future!

    1. So well said! The last couple weeks, life has definitely come first. Lilly is back to her bubbly self today, thank goodness! And thanks for the follow! I look forward to sharing more of a life filled with health and happiness!

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