A Dose of Reality

Hi Friends!

Well this post is going to be a less about health and fitness and little more about life.

{I promise Ill get back to the workouts and healthy living soon!}

I try to keep my posts upbeat, positive, and motivating. Not only for my readers but for myself, I try to find the silver lining in every day.

In general, I am a very happy person. I believe each day we wake up we have the choice to live it joyfully, or let the weight of our problems bring us down.

I typically have no trouble looking past the day to day issues and seeing the lessons to be learned. Unfortunately, this week I struggled to keep my head up and had to succumb to the stress I was under.

I am very good at avoiding the anxiety some situations may bring, knowing that with time they can be solved. I don’t like to let myself feel stress or anxiety because, like any normal person, I would rather be happy and confident in knowing I can, and will, handle any situation thrown at me.

The last couple weeks there has been what seems like a laundry list of things I have had very little control over, making it really hard to gain understanding;

-The engine in our new Subaru has quit on us twice.

[the second time we were half way to South Dakota…]

-Our driveway got destroyed by our neighbors.

-We had some unexpected issues with the same neighbors.

-The dogs got into coffee beans. Like way too many coffee beans…

-Lilly got her stomach pumped and Axel spent 3 days [and nights] severely sick.

-Work hasn’t just been busy, its been forget-to-eat-for-8-hours-because-theres-no-time-to-breath busy.

-The dog I grew up with passed quickly and somewhat unexpectedly.

-and a coworker passed away completely unexpectedly.

Now, bare with me because I have found the lessons.

I intended to write about how difficult these things have been, whining over all of the unexpected bills we are dealing with and losses we’re digesting.

But, in reality, those I love that are closest to me are happy, healthy and breathing.

While we lost our sweet pup, he lived a long loved life and is no longer in pain.

Car things happen- they just do.

I am not only employable, I am employed.

My puppies are once again happy and healthy [and finally sleeping through the night again].

I have a wonderful professional community that is taking care of the family of our coworker, and supporting each other through this hard time.

And my sweet boyfriend, my rock, and the one person that will simultaneously help me back on my feet while telling me to stop feeling sorry for myself, is home.

Sometimes, that is all I need.

To not only hear that its going to be OK, but that its really not that bad.

So, in order to keep my sanity, I gave myself an additional week off from strict gym-going and clean eating, I took a break from blogging, and generally let myself relax when I could and give my spare moments to those who needed it.

I am trying not to feel too much guilt over this, although that is difficult for me.

Being in control of my time, my health, and my feelings is not something I surrender easily, but sometime you don’t have the choice.

It is better to let the feelings and events unfold as they should instead of trying to dictate outcomes.

Now that I have gained some perceptive, I am ready to move forward and better learn to control what I can, and accept what I can’t.


…..like car issues- aren’t those the worst?!

I hope you all have had a wonderful couple of days, and are having an even better Easter Sunday!

Ours has been a very lazy one, exactly how I like it πŸ™‚

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