Leg Day + Reintroducing Olympic Lifts

Hi Friends!

Tonight after work I headed to the gym [busy or not] and took myself and a friend through an intense leg workout.

It was way more difficult then I had expected, and I will definitely feel it tomorrow, but I was excited to do some heavy lifting again!

heavyliftinglegsIts been a while since I have incorporated intense Olympic lifts into my training, but I think its time I start!

The last year I lived in Oregon I got pretty heavily in to CrossFit. I absolutely loved it, I got all of my friends into it, I was ready to start competing and then we moved to a tiny town in North Dakota- hours away from any CrossFit boxes.

It took a while for me to find a sustainable form a fitness I could do without a trainer and specialized equipment.

Enter home HIIT workouts; lots of jumping around on furniture in my tiny apartment and hours spent learning everything I could do with a pair of dumbbells in the comfort of my own living room.

Now that we live in a slightly bigger town I have access to a gym and I finally feel comfortable enough to practice Oly lifts without a trainer.

I can really let things get my head sometimes, and this is one of those things.  I have been nervous to take it up a level for some time, but finally feel ready!

What have you done this week to break out of your comfort zone??

Happy Hump day!


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