A 21st Century College Graduate…and Kind Of on a Path

I think a lot of people feel this way when at this point in their lives.

Ive made it through all the hoops accepted by society to be considered a real adult.

Ive graduated college.

Began a life with the man of my dreams.

Got a couple of dogs.

We have successful full time jobs.

Are constantly thinking [and talking…blech] about finances and the future.

I purchased a new car.

…with a car loan.

All the things that give the illusion I am on my way to becoming a successful grown-up, yet somethings missing.

Spurred by binge watching Grays Anatomy for the past week, I have developed this overwhelming feeling that whether or not I’m on the right path, I have no idea what that is.

To make more sense, Grays Anatomy [if you didn’tΒ already know] follows the life of surgeons and other hospital staff that have, for the most part, worked their entire lives to do exactly what they are doing.

Not only have they spent nearly half of their lives working towards their chosen career, they fully intend to spend the rest of their lives savings others with no qualms or hesitations.

Seriously, how is that possible?

How does someone decide what they want to do at such a young age only to spend years training to do it, then the rest of their lives doing it?

What am I missing that I don’t feel this way about something?

Sure I have a super cool and useful History Degree but why haven’t I found that one true passion to give me a lifetime of purpose?

I mean, even my dog has spent the last 4 months digging the same escape hole in the backyard with no success…and that’s like 5 dog years.

I haven’t spent 5 human years doing anything with such passion.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a life of meaning but I have not found my purpose.

I grew up watching both of my parents try, and succeed, at different careers and endeavors. I love the fact that I always knew with hard work I could do whatever I wanted with my life while understanding that there were always other options.

While I was raised around positive examples like my parents, this issue is a little more deep seeded.

Think about it.

For gen-X, everything is about instant gratification;

Don’t like what your watching? Change it with one button.

Not in the mood for American food? Pickup cuisine from any other country in under 10 minutes.

Unimpressed with your outfit? A 5 minute stop at TJMAXX and you have a new wardrobe.

Sick of the weather? A couple hours on a plane and your in a different part of the world.

[…silly examples but you get it…]

Everything is better, faster, and more accessible than ever before and we grew up surrounded by the idea that this would make our lives better.

At one time, the quicker a service or product was available, the less value it held, the more corners were cut, and the less quality it had.

Now its demanded. Instant response in every aspect of our lives.

A blessing and a curse. All the information in the world at the tip of our fingers, and all we can think to do with it is ‘like’ it or ‘share’ it.

We are a product of this societal nurture and it is more evident than ever.

Expecting that a fancy piece of paper makes us worthy of a job or a lifestyle.

That a few moments of trying will make up for the dozens wasting our talent claiming ‘I tried’.

Blaming the economy, up bringing, or that one job at that one place that didn’t work out.

I am on a path that I have no idea how I got on or where its going.

I remember once hearing that absurdly successful entrepreneur Mark Cuban didn’t take a vacation for 7 years while he was building his businesses [ahem…empire].


I can’t be the only person that wants to find something they are so passionate about that time off can wait…seven years.

Why does this feel impossible?

How do I get on that path?


..and seriously…what 18 year old knows they want to cut open bodies for the rest of their lives??

Happy Tuesday, Friends πŸ™‚

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  1. I absolutely ADORED this post. Perhaps because I can relate to all of those questions ten-fold. lol. I am in the exact same shoes as you are. It’s funny. You said it perfectly yourself, this “life” as we perceive it to be is simply a result of YEARS of conditioning in society. No– it is not normal or humane for one person to focus on a particular subject for decades, let alone make that decision at such a tender young age. I question it too–if we are at a constant state of flux with ourselves as human beings, why does it seem right to stagnate ourselves in one aspect? I could go on. LOVED THIS!

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