30 Minute Do-Anywhere HIIT Workout

Well, I spent the better part of last night writing a post and editing photos only to have my internet refresh and work lost.

Womp – womp..

After a busy weekend and a long day in Bismarck, I had to shut down my computer and go to sleep for my sanity.

So, today you get yesterdays post and workout!

This weekend was simultaneously relaxing and productive. I got in a few workouts and healthy meals but balanced them out with pizza, brownies, pasta and Neflix binges.IMG_3055

Go-to breakfast always; turkey bacon – egg – avocado burrito!


It was just that kind of weekend!

We actually got a proper date night in at a somewhat decent restaurant down the road. I enjoyed the most amazing arugula – pear – gorgonzola salad I have ever had. Seriously, so good.

11200578_10204190908400304_5973850130356082445_nI will definitely try to replicate the recipe for you arugula lovers!

Yesterday we went to Bismarck to pick up my car that is finally fixed [2 new turbos and a new engine later..] and got a trip to Sam’s Club in.

I am hoping to get the ‘In My Cart’ post done for tomorrow with the haul we got at Sam’s!


Derrick and Lilly were cracking me up driving around town together…two pea’s in a silver pod!

While we spent the majority of Sunday binge watching Chuck on Netflix, I snuck in a workout between episodes.

I have been in a home workout mood lately, something about the constant cloud cover and rain has made getting to the gym incredibly difficult.

This Do-Anywhere HIIT Workout can be done with or without equipment from wherever you feel like getting your sweat on!


I finally pulled the trigger on a new pair of shoes. I’ve always been really good about replacing my running shoes after a certain mileage but my cross training shoes are another story.

When I find a pair I like, I live in them. They become my workout shoes, my I-don’t-feel-like-dressing-up-for-work shoes, my dog walking shoes, my running errand shoes…like I said, I live in them.

So I finally trashed my [extremely] worn out Nikes and got a proper pair of crossing training Reebok’s!


I am already having a hard time taking them off!

After work I knocked out a Nike Training Club 45 minute workout and now were grilling some chicken for dinner.

I love all the meals we make on the grill when Derrick is home!

Check back in to see this weeks shopping list and meal menu!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and an even better Monday πŸ™‚


      1. Wait, have you heard of the Nike training club APP??? Check it out! It’s seriously my favorite app and it’s free. You can even design your own workout program on it and download any workout of any intensity you want! That way you can do it at home, outside, or in the gym πŸ‘πŸ‘

      2. We kind of moved on a whim – I was going to quit my job anyways, and my boyfriend can move anywhere in the US with his gig. So we narrowed it down to anywhere in the US and decided that Denver was the way to go. πŸ™‚ It’s a blast! You should come out to visit – I’ll give you a ton of great tips!

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