Two weeks without blogging is two weeks too long!

One of the biggest downsides of living in small town USA is the inability to schedule anything outside of working hours (9-4). My internet completely stopped working over two weeks ago hindering me unable to do anything blog related.

There is no WiFi at my work and I am on Derricks families cell phone plan so as far as getting online for anything but the basics, I was S.O.L.

My apologize for the absence, but were up and running again!

Seriously though, the worst part? Not being able to binge watch Greys Anatomy on Netflix…I’m addicted.

We got some good weather recently so I was able to go on a beautiful hike in the Badlands with the pups, take plenty of evening walks, sit outside with a book, or just sit outside because I can, and do things I would normally put off once I grabbed my lap top.IMG_2277


I love this picture, it looks like a candid mid giggle shot..


Being disconnected has its upsides 🙂

On another note, I have reconnected with my blog Instagram. I had one before and had some wonderful followers but it started gaining unwanted attraction.

I like to use Instagram as a motivational platform for myself and others. I post videos, my own progress pictures, foods I eat, and images I save for myself. It’s a little peak into my head and the things that work for me on my health journey.

Unfortunately, I started getting inappropriate and unwanted comments which lead to me closing it down. I decided not to let that effect me in the future and to start new. If you like following other health minded people on Instagram, check it out! 🙂

How do you disconnect?

How often do you disconnect?

I am  thinking of starting a weekly ritual of closing down all electronics for a day.

Could be worth a try?

I hope you are having a wonderful May!


  1. I think it’s useful to disconnect when you need a creative recharge. To stop consuming and start creating. I don’t do it nearly enough but when I do, it feels great!

  2. Such good points!! I try to make an effort to put the phones away once hubby is home from work- if they’re within reach we too often stare into them and pay less attention to one another- so unplugging daily is my goal!! Looks like beautiful hiking days you had!

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