When You Have Nothing Planned But Everything To Do

You know those days where you have every intention of getting your to-do list done then you pick up a project and all of a sudden it’s 8 hours later and you have completely redecorated and arranged half your house for no other reason than ‘because it just happened’?
[..I even wrote my Sunday goals Saturday night, I really did have good intentions..]

Yeah, that was how my Sunday went.IMG_3510[..I even wrote my Sunday goals Saturday night, I really did have good intentions..]

I woke up on schedule, read for my regular 15 minutes (ok, 45), had a healthy breakfast, cleaned the refrigerator;

…then the freezer.
…then on top of the freezer
…then on top of the cabinets [?]

Then I lost control and started decorating, painting pictures to wedge in corners, stenciling and painting words on the walls, painting vases and candle holders, organizing drawers and replacing hung pictures around the whole house and BAM it was eight hours later.

I hadn’t eaten, grocery shopped, walked the dogs, gotten out of my PJs, or even thought about my weekly meal prep (let alone my dinner..) and it was 7:00 p.m.

Now, I’m pretty happy with how the new presentation turned out but dang did that really derail my plans!

IMG_3524This weekend was non-stop. I had no plans, yet a million things to do.

The dogs got groomed, cars dealt with, appointments at both of our banks, nails done, quality time with a good friend spent, redecorated and spring cleaned nearly the whole house and even made time for a new book I picked up!

IMG_3499Of course its now snowing and they’re both bald, freezing, wearing sweaters, and generally ridiculous looking…isn’t it May??

As for books, anything modern and fictional based on historical events – I’m sold. Super bonus points if there is a tumultuous love story that parallels two different time periods worked in. This one is called The Memory House and so far its awesome!

As I didn’t get to go shopping, tomorrows ‘In My Cart will be based on last weeks menu.

Tonight I thawed some ground chicken, grabbed a bag of frozen Brussels Sprouts and combined them with brown rice to make for a super easy grab and go lunch this week!
IMG_3519I was pretty happy not to have to go to the store tonight too.

Unfortunately, I am still having connectivity issues. Service is going in and out so I never know when I am able to get online. I am trying to get more regular with my posts, but this is making it difficult!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Stay tuned for some kick but workouts this week 🙂


  1. I know exactly how you feel!!! It’s always when my to do list is highest that it strikes me as imperative that I tidy, clean, redecorate, reorganize, procrastibake… EVERYTHING happens that doesn’t need doing when I’m feeling busy. It’s therapeutic though! And now your kitchen looks stunning (I’m loving the word above the sink, definitely stealing that idea) and you’ll be in a better space to be productive! That’s how I reason with it anyway 😛

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