Leg Burn Out Hill Workout

In North Dakota fashion, the weather turned on us last week and it has been freezing and storming ever since.

Finally, today we had some decent weather and I couldn’t wait to get outside with the dogs!

There is a huge hilly field right up the road from me that the dogs and I love. Surrounded by farmland, its like a mini escape from town with plenty of space for the dogs and I to get a good workout in!

As soon as I got home, I leashed up the pups and we headed out the door. There is one huge hill I like to walk up but today, I ran it. Many times. Until I was ready to crawl home.
Screen shot 2015-05-19 at 8.20.33 PMThe dogs followed me the whole time and I had successfully worn them out about half way through the workout!

They happily laid down and watched me finish before we headed home for dinner.
IMG_3528I had a delicious grain free fajita dish with avocado then sat down to stretch and relax for the evening.

…OK, I also ate half a jar of nutella because I could literally hear it screaming my name from the cupboard.


This dog is always on me in some way. Shes the perfect added weight for ab exercises too!

Now I am more than ready to snuggle into bed with my book!

Hope you all found a reason to love your Tuesday, because..why not?!

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