Outdoor Hill Workout

If you’re unfamiliar with the Northern Midwest, it’s cold.

Like really cold…all. the. time.

So, when it got into the 70s today I couldn’t wait to get home, throw on some shorts and running shoes, and head outside!

The dogs and I met up with a friend at a field by my house for an awesome hill workout after work..outdoorhillworkout

Afterwards I headed home to get dinner ready!

IMG_3802There’s nothing like a tough hill workout to make you feel like you haven’t eaten in a week…

On the menu tonight – Steak, homemade Caesar salad, and Zataar Pizza.

In case your wondering, Zataar is a Mediterranean thyme blend that I mix with a little bit of olive oil and spread on flat bread…I find myself craving it all the time, did you know thyme is really good for brain function??

It was exactly what I needed and it was already prepped from last night!

What kind of exercises do you like to do when the weather warms up? Do you stick to gym workouts, or do you head outside?

I don’t know about you, but I’m so excited that tomorrow is Friday, and even more so that it’s a three day weekend ahead!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week 🙂


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