Gluten Free Salmon Cakes + Sweet Lemon Dijon Dressing + Home Leg Workout!

What a week so far!

It’s been busy as ever at work and I’ve been able to get in a couple kick but workouts, long dog walks, and quality phone time with my love.

As summer comes closer, so do the crazy thunder and lightening storms of the Midwest. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of leaving my kitchen window wide open when I left for work, and my computer right underneath it.

Womp Womp.

Now I’m out about 3,000 photos, years of archived work, and a computer.

Luckily, Derrick forgot his when he left so I charged it up and got to work!

Yesterday I did a killer hill circuit followed by a home leg burn out. As much as it felt like I wasn’t getting anything out of it- by the end of today, I was hurting. stair leg workout

I slightly updated my meal plan for the week. It was easier to have chicken salad for lunch and salmon for dinner. I ended up making gluten free salmon cakes and a sweet lemon Dijon dressing to go over them for dinners!


Seriously, so good.

If you haven’t read the blog before my workouts pretty consistently bounce back and forth between home HIIT circuits, and gym sessions. I like to switch things up and keep my workouts exciting!

Most importantly, I try to listen to my body.

If I don’t have the energy to lift heavy, I do some body weight training or yoga. If I feel stressed about making time to get to the gym I’ll alleviate that and focus on the workout itself by doing it at home (in the comfort of my home and Netflix account…I might add).

The count down to Derrick getting home has finally begun! He’s been gone for almost 5 weeks, and I have one more to go. The last week is always the hardest.

Something about the anticipation of him being here couple by the fact that he is not causes tension and a lot of little fights. I can’t wait for him to be home and have things back to normal for a week 🙂

Hope you have had a wonderful week so far!

Are you in a long distance relationship? How do you handle long distance bickering?

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