Warm Weather Makes for Busy Weekends!

Goodness, the last couple weekends have been busy!

The majority of the year its far too cold to get a whole lot done. The ground is frozen, the air is frigid, and there is little to no motivation to do much other than sip hot chocolate and binge Netflix.

The last two weekends I got my but moving and accomplished a lot of things I have been putting off!

I finally created some awesome art to go over my bed.

IMG_2639and some other wall art..[ok and had Heart of Dixie playing non-stop]

IMG_2635I worked in the yard. A LOT.

IMG_2697I planted my first vegetable garden.


Tilled, mulched, laid grass seed and planted flowers in my little flower garden.

…and had a but of an issue thinking I could trust my dogs alone in the back yard while I ran to the store…


Lesson learned. [Check out the menacing culprits in the background!]

Deep cleaned the carpets..it would be embarrassing to show you what they looked like before.


Cleaned all the bed linens, which were then immediately dog scented.


and even started studying for my Personal Training Certification!


Needless to say, we are all completely exhausted!  IMG_3953 I’m now finishing up my meal prep, and excited to be using my new food scale for the first time!

Interested in creating your own ‘tape’ wall art, or back yard apartment vegetable garden? Ask any questions you may have! Have any tips for me? Please share!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Check in tomorrow for this weeks ‘In My Cart’ entry 🙂


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